Shop with your imagination

Amaizon is an online store that sells AI generated products, powered by human imagination. With your help we can make these products a reality. You can back a product and be a shareholder for just £1. Items that get a backing of £1000 will be crowdfunded and sold on our site. Proceeds will go to charity and fund sustainable projects.

Get inspired

Our mission at Amaizon

We want to make your imagination a reality. We each have those breakthrough moments, those sparks of an idea, but they're often hard to visualise. Alas, not anymore! We've built an AI powered online store of imaginable products that you won't find on Amazon. All artwork has been generated by humans with the help of Dall-E 2, which is a leading artificial intelligence image generator.

Please send us your own AI product creations for a chance to be featured on our site and support a charity of your choice!

  • Indoor

    Netflix has competition. See our inspiring ideas and creations to make living at home a truly memorable experience, and a lot more fun.

  • Outdoor

    Put a spring in your step, or perhaps a rocket jet? Check out our range of fantastic products and accessories to make your life on the move, a little more exciting.

  • Fashion

    Time to span those intergalactic marshmallow feathers and really peacock. Check out our jaw dropping fashion ideas and accessories so you can strut with style an all eyes on you.

  • Just, wierd

    These products are a little harder to categorise - they're just really, really, really cool. Check them out and have your mind blown and tingling with awe!